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Dream, and we make it a reality!
Do you intend to immigrate and unsure of the best method? Many of you probably have the desire to migrate to the United Arab Emirates, but when you encounter the first obstacle, you become hesitant. However, there is a way that can lead you to your dreams!

AFDL Group provides residency and company registration services with an official license from the UAE government and proudly stands as one of the few Iranian companies in Dubai. This company is in partnership with top attorneys in Dominica, and you can contact our experts to obtain a lifelong Dominica passport.

The AFDL team excels in residency and second passport services by offering exceptional services, strong support, and unbelievable prices. It has established itself as one of the best immigration companies in Dubai.

Just pick up your phone right now and visit our Instagram page to find one of the best migration pages. With the content on this page, you will learn how to have a successful migration.

But AFDL Group’s services don’t end with just an Instagram page! You can contact us to have a conversation with one of our professional consultants. This initial consultation will help you address all the uncertainties you have regarding migration with ease.

No matter what your goal or preferred method of migration is, if you want a hassle-free experience, just entrust all your migration matters to AFDL Group. The AFDL team will be with you from the beginning of your migration journey until you step off the plane in the UAE.

With AFDL Group, it’s better to pack your bags right now because you are just one call away from your dream life!