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?Is registering a company in Dubai suitable for Iranians

If your goal is to stay in Dubai; Expanding your business in international markets and earning dollars and dirhams, don't doubt that it is the best place for you, which can open your eyes to many bright horizons. By starting a business in Dubai, you reach not a destination but a beginning. In recent years in our country, unfortunately, we have seen many restrictions in relation to global trade, which practically prevented us from gaining profit and participating in international markets. If you think you have the necessary expertise and perseverance for a new adventure in life, you can choose Dubai as a very safe place to start your business and enter the global markets.

?Is it possible to get residence for family and children through company registration

After registering the company in Dubai, you can apply for a Dubai visa for your spouse and children. You should note that your son must be under 25 years old and your daughter must be single.

?What are the steps to register a company in Dubai

First step: receiving security approval
The second step: determination and reservation of the brand name
Step 3: Checking your case by the relevant organization in Dubai and paying the fees to the government
The fourth step: Applying for Dubai residency and doing things related to fingerprinting and medical tests
The fifth stage: Obtaining residence of spouse and children

?How much does it cost to register a company in Dubai

The cost of registering a company in Dubai varies according to the type of license. Ask our consultants for the latest price via WhatsApp. But usually it will vary from 16,500 dirhams and above according to the type of license

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