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Company registration and residency in Dubai

business setup in dubai

Dubai, the bride of the Persian Gulf, is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and one of the most modern cities in the world, which is very good for business setup in Dubai.

This city has a beautiful collection of the best and most exciting tourist attractions in the Middle East and is also setting up a business in Dubai. One of the notable features of the policies of the United Arab Emirates is the collection of the best of each field, a significant part of which is concentrated in Dubai. Providing banking facilities, professional UAE residence visa benefits, and support plans to start-up companies is part of the country’s incentive policies. In this article, Afdal business setup group will explain important points related to company formation in Dubai.

Through opening a business in Dubai, traders, merchants, company formations in Dubai, and manufacturers conduct money circulation through the accounts of their customers and parties to international contracts so that they can easily withdraw and deposit their foreign currency. Besides these issues for their families, there are also advantages to business setup in Dubai, such as multilingual colleges and international schools, which are a launching pad for those people.

Why set up a business in Dubai?

Dubai is a large and modern city in the Persian Gulf that is known as one of the best tourist destinations in the Middle East. Also, this city has temporary and permanent UAE residence visas for visitors and immigrants, and the easiest and cheapest residence visa in the UAE to live in this city is to stay in Dubai by company formation in Dubai, for which we will give more comprehensive explanations about setting up a business in Dubai.

Getting it in Dubai depends on the effectiveness of your work, studies, setting up a business in Dubai, and investment locations in the city. Additionally, permanent Dubai residency through company programs can be available through work visas, active visas, investment visas, and special programs such as military or family programs.

Obtaining 100% ownership for non-native applicants in the main land of the UAE for setting up a business in Dubai

Opening personal and corporate bank accounts for foreigners

Issuance of contracts and transactions with all countries in the world

Holding the biggest meetings and exhibitions

Competitive real estate prices

Dubai Freezone Company Setup Cost

Advanced and first-class hospitals, markets, and hotels

free trade system for setting up a business in Dubai

A stable and reliable legal system for company formation in Dubai

No tax requirement for joint-stock companies

Get a business residence visa Dubai card by company formation in Dubai.

The ability to buy arenas and nobles

Also, there is no need for continuous or consecutive presence of people in the UAE, and that is enough for setting up a business in Dubai. Also, the applicant is welcome to visit there once or twice a year. So whether the company is active or inactive will not affect the validity of your stay.

business residence visa in Dubai through company formation in Dubai

To apply for a business residence visa in Dubai through Dubai Residence with company registration, business setup in Dubai, or other methods, you must first carefully check the conditions and requirements of setting up a business in Dubai. You must prepare the required documents, which include a copy of your passport, personal photo, educational and work history, medical certificate (if necessary), and financial information related to your financial situation.

business setup in Dubai

After preparing and collecting these documents for your company formation in Dubai, you must send your request to the relevant authorities. Depending on the type of permanent visa in the UAE and the conditions of your stay, you may need to fill out an application form, pay a fee, submit documents, and conduct a personal interview.

After sending the application for setting up a business in Dubai, the process of review and processing begins. Usually, this stage includes checking the submitted documents, checking the travel history, the quality of the financial situation, and other things that can be evaluated. Also, if necessary, there may be a personal interview or telephone communication for further clarification.

After reviewing the application for company formation in Dubai, the result will be announced to you, and if your application is approved, a business residence visa in Dubai will be issued to you. But if the application is rejected, you will be informed of the reasons for the rejection and the conditions for renewing the application.

Residence in Dubai with company registration

Obtaining a Dubai residence by business setup on the Dubai mainland is one of the fastest and most basic methods. After issuing a business setup in Dubai, a UAE residence card will be issued to you and your family (your wife and children) by a business setup in Dubai.

In order to register a business setup in Dubai mainland and get a business residence visa in Dubai in this way, there are special conditions that are discussed below, and you can find the fastest and cheapest residence visa in UAE way to get a residence in Dubai.

UAE residence visa benefits or business setup in Dubai

Obtaining Dubai residency through a company for the applicant, partners, and family members

Having a work and residence permit in Dubai (for the applicant and his family)

Education permission for children
The possibility of traveling to Persian Gulf countries (Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar) without the need to obtain a visa

Exemption from tax to carry out economic activities in this area

Low Dubai company registration costs

The possibility of using bank credits and the opportunity to do international business

Opening a foreign currency

One of the notable things that has made investing in Dubai easier is that previously, the business setup on the Dubai mainland by any foreign national required that 51% of the capital be for the sponsor (national) of the UAE. But under the new laws, it is possible to establish a company with a 100% partnership by foreign nationals. Therefore, there is no need for a guarantor in the new procedure for a business setup on the Dubai mainland.

Requirements for company registration or business setup in Dubai

Basically, obtaining residency in many countries requires conditions that are not possible for everyone. Dubai residency through a company is one of the most popular immigration methods. The most important things that have made a business setup on the Dubai mainland popular are the lack of a language certificate and the lack of an age limit.

How to get Dubai residency through a business setup on the Dubai mainland?

To get a Dubai residency through a company, you need to know how to do things. Below are the steps that must be followed in order.

Choose the type of company for a business setup on the Dubai mainland.

First, you should carefully choose the type of business setup on the Dubai mainland you want to register with, because choosing the right type of company will affect your rights and responsibilities in the future.

Choose a company name.

You must choose and announce your company name for a business setup on the Dubai mainland. The name of the company must be in accordance with the rules and regulations of Dubai and cannot interfere with the names of other collections.

Preparation of required documents in a business setup on the Dubai mainland

To register the company, you must prepare the required documents. These documents may include a passport, a business residence visa for Dubai (if you have already resided in Dubai), original and translated copies of educational and professional records, and a signature certificate.

Company registration

With the necessary documents, go to the company registration office in Dubai and fill out the relevant forms. You also have to pay registration fees and other fees. In this case, you should know about Dubai Free Zone Company setup costs and all types of companies. There are 3 types of licenses for company registration: professional, commercial, and industrial licenses.

Continue the registration process.

company formation in Dubai

After completing the initial registration process, you must notify other departments and organizations, and it is necessary to prepare affidavits and other attached documents. Also, Dubai company registration costs are important but should not be a subject of worry. We give you good information about Dubai company registration costs. At this stage, bank assistance for starting a business in Dubai can help you alot. Afdal company registration group can accompany you in this way.

Get accommodation

After completing the registration process, start the process of obtaining Dubai residency through the company. This includes submitting the required documents to the immigration office, going to the police stations, and usually the verification process.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

These companies are registered for 99 years, and there is also a Dubai freezone company setup cost.

As long as the company is not dissolved, the business residence visa of its members is valid.

In all subjects, it is possible to register a company.

To choose the topic of commercial companies, there is usually no need for high financial ability, presentation of documents, Dubai Free Zone company setup cost, or resume analysis.

Of course, in some subjects, such as medicine and beauty, engineering, and structures, relevant education and resumes are needed to be approved by the relevant bodies.

Documents required to obtain Dubai residency through the company

Self and family identity documents, including a passport scan and official translation of the national card and birth certificate

Obtaining the initial permit, which usually takes 7 to 10 working days, and two photos

Completing the relevant forms and paying the Dubai Freezone Company setup cost, Dubai Company registration cost, and fees to obtain the necessary permits

After completing all the tasks, a 3-year renewable business residence visa Dubai permit (guaranteed) will be issued to the applicant and his family members, through which they can live in this country and enjoy its amenities.

A few tips about investing in Dubai

The remarkable thing about staying in Dubai with company registration is that when we have a permanent visa in the UAE and a bank account in the UAE, Emirates passports or Arab passports are not granted to us. Rather, a sticker will be placed inside the passport to show that we are citizens of the UAE, and we will be given the UAE national card by having a permanent visa in the UAE. After that, we will be able to travel to the countries of the Persian Gulf without a permanent visa in the UAE.

Important note: Companies established on a permanent visa in the UAE can consist of one person or several people. But by registering the company in Dubai, it is possible to get accommodation for up to three people; of course, they must be men, and women can only get accommodation under the sponsorship of men. Because it is very difficult to sponsor women in the UAE. This means that if the company consists of 5 partners, due to the establishment of the company, 3 of them will be able to stay in the UAE. Of course, as soon as those three people obtain permanent visas in the UAE, they will also receive Dubai residency through the company for their spouses and children. Dubai residency through the company will be 99 years.

Depositing the total capital to the bank (minimum capital of 250 to 300 dirhams)

Benefits of company registration and permanent visas in the UAE in terms of taxation and Dubai free zone company setup cost

Company owners are tax-exempt up to 500,000 dirhams, and more than that, only 5% is charged as value-added tax. Of course, the applicant must pay government fees and license renewal fees annually.

Company registration fee or Dubai company registration cost

The Dubai freezone company setup cost includes several items that are fully described in the table below:

Explanation Cost Row of Dubai company registration cost

1: Registration of the license requested by the applicant on the mainland of Dubai

2: Request for initial approval and the cost of obtaining initial approval

3: Requesting a name and paying the cost of determining the company’s Arabic name

4: Determining and paying the Dubai Freezone Company setup cost of the virtual rental office of the administrative office

5: Setting up, translating, and paying the expenses of the Arabic and English ISA offices

6: Payment of one-year license fees, license fee, and final registration of Dubai company registration cost

7: Registered company stamp fee. Company stamp fee

8: Receiving the company establishment card and paying the company establishment card fee

9: Obtaining a three-year company registration, Dubai residency through the company, a medical test fee, and a UAE ID card for two people

10: costs of one year of health insurance for two people (basic package) one-year health insurance (basic)

11: The cost of providing broker services, the cost of the brokerage office

12: Companies active in Dubai based on the type of activity

Industrial companies

These companies are active in the fields of natural resources and natural materials.

commercial companies

If the investor intends to open his company in the scope of buying and selling goods, he must call his type of activity commercial in order to register his company.

Professional companies

This type of company is for people who care about intellectual and mental issues in their field of activity. For example, it can be about artisans.

Company registration license options in Dubai


Companies involved in any type of commercial activity can benefit from this license. Both general and specialist traders need to be licensed to conduct safe trading activities across Dubai. According to this license, 51% of the shares belong to the UAE, and 49% belong to expatriates.


In the professional license, 100% of the shares are owned by the expatriate partner, and an UAE national is appointed as the local service representative. Licenses are obtained for non-physical services such as consulting.


An industrial license in Dubai is issued to those companies that convert natural materials or natural resources into other end products or any other type of production activity. According to this license, 51% of the shares belong to the UAE and 49% to foreign owners.


Dubai offers three main types of licenses: travel agency licenses as inbound tourism operators, travel agency licenses as outbound tourism operators, and travel agency licenses as travel agents.

Staying in Dubai through Startup

Starting a startup in the UAE has easier conditions than staying in Dubai with company registration and a permanent visa, which has provided a good opportunity for entrepreneurs. Obtaining Dubai residency through Startup allows individuals to enjoy UAE residence visa benefits such as zero tax on corporate and personal income as well as 100% ownership of their business.

Also, staying in the UAE through Startup allows people to stay in Dubai for a long time and even work as retirees in this city.

Conditions for staying in Dubai through startup: choosing a suitable legal form to start the activity, complying with special conditions in choosing a brand name, receiving initial approval from the government after choosing the company name and submitting documents, and paying fees after receiving the necessary permits.

Necessary documents for residence in Dubai through Startup: application form for residence in Dubai, articles of association (if necessary), passport copies of all shareholders, and a brief description of the desired business activities

The fastest way to stay in Dubai

A UAE residence visa in Dubai by registering a company is the fastest way to stay in the UAE, so this method does not require an UAE sponsor and comes with facilities such as obtaining a UAE residence visa for the family, zero percent tax on income, the possibility of free trade in global markets, the possibility of buying real estate, and participating in government tenders. provides. Also, a UAE residence visa can be extended indefinitely by registering a company, and this method is also suitable for obtaining a foreign business residence visa in Dubai.

low-cost business setup in Dubai

Staying in Dubai offers many different possibilities, and there are different ways to stay in this city. One of them is a low-cost business setup in Dubai. One of the cheapest residence visas in the UAE is to stay in Dubai with a low-cost business setup. In fact, by staying in Dubai and registering a company, you can benefit from various benefits, such as the country’s financial services. Also, as a company owner, you can have access to discounts on residential and accommodation services.

In addition, compared to other methods of UAE residence visas, Dubai residence with company registration and permanent visas in the UAE can be accompanied by lower costs. Also, other methods, such as applying for a business or investment visa, require more documents and costs. Finally, before making a decision, it is recommended to consult with legal experts or immigration consultants to learn about the requirements related to UAE residence visas, UAE residence visa benefits, and company registration.


As you have seen, staying in a low-cost business setup in Dubai is one of the best and most trusted ways to immigrate to this commercial and modern city. If you intend to develop and expand your career, you can register with a foreign company with a low-cost business setup in Dubai. One of the best company registration groups which is really professional is Afdal group. To get advice on company registration in Dubai, you can refer to Afdal group specialized website.